JSM + SCADAA Tailored IoT (Internet of Things) Solution


SCADA(Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition) is the data acquisition and monitoring control system. The SCADA system is a computer-based DCS or PLC and power automation monitoring system. It is widely applied to many fields including electric power, metallurgy, petroleum, chemical industry, gas and railway process control.

The SCADA system involves configuration software, data transmission links, and so on. In order to cater for the coming of the era of big data interoperability, the data of production line is collected and stored in real time by software and hardware of the device, and sent directly to the client's server terminal through the intranet or extranet, for data analysis and storage.

Benefits of Using JSM SCADA System

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    Production Status Monitoring

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    Quality Improvement

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    Workflow Optimization

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    Warehousing Optimization

How It Works?

a schematic diagram of JSM SCADA system showing how it collects and delivers data

Build A Smart Shoe-making Factory

  • Production Plan Management
  • Shoe Type Report
  • SOP
  • Auto Screen Monitor
  • Temp. Management & Monitor
  • Alarm Info
  • Data Analysis
  • Data Upload
PC screen showing SCADA system
PC screen showing SCADA system
PC screen showing SCADA system
PC screen showing SCADA system
PC screen showing SCADA system

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