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    Leather Shoes

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    Canvas Shoes

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    High Heels

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    Snow Boots

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    Casual Shoes

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    Safety Shoes

KUKA branded components

Guaranteed Service Life and Higher ROI

Stable quality of all machines is always the bottom line when it comes to ensuring our client's ROI. We know your factory can't afford to be stopped by machine malfunctions.

We are committed to guaranteeing excellent machine performance by using high-end components.

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Designed Structure to Fit Your Site

Before we design the machine, we take into consideration that every factory has its different layout.

For those factories with limited space, our proficient engineers can wisely alter the structure, while promising smooth processing workflow and saving energy.

designed footwear factories plant layout in U shape
pressing a button on the PLC screen

Easy-to-Operate From Start To The End

  • Developed a PLC system to allow super-easy operation by simply pressing a few buttons on a touch screen;
  • User-friendly interfaces with directory figures for every procedure
  • A localized operating system with your local language.

VI- Conforming Color Customization

Machines are not only designed with functions and structures in mind, but vivid colors are also critical to maintain a consistent and professional image of your factory.

Using environmental-friendly powder as the spraying material, we are able to customize any color of the chassis of the machine to fit your VI in the whole plant.

the shoe making machine's chassis in blue