• JSM machine assembly workshop

Lean & Specialized Workshops

We set up workshops in-house to finish every critical assembling job to optimize workflow, enhance efficiency and keep consistent quality standards.

By controlling all procedures as per JSM quality system, we make the machinery of the highest precision and thus guarantee excellent performance.

A Glimpse Into Our High-Tech Assembly Workshop

  • JSM high tech assembly workshop for automatic shoe making machines
  • JSM high tech assembly workshop with robot commissioning

Heavy Investment On Advanced Facilities

We believe in high tech. And we act on it.

Our factory employs high-tech steel processing machines including laser cutting machines, bending machines, etc.

Our ultimate goal is to reach a high standard in every single procedure by delivering qualified and precise spare parts for the assembly workshops.

HSG laser cutting machine working to process steel

Quality Treatment Inside Out

We pursue ZERO-defect assembly and take actions to ensure high performance of a machine. Our quality management system addresses any defect in manufacturing processes by strictly complying with the production standard.

  • steel frame angle testing with measuring device

    Steel Frame Angle Testing

  • chassis balance testing with balance measuring equipment

    Chassis Balance Testing

  • steel hardness testing with hardness testing apparatus

    Steel Hardness Testing

  • electrifying testing of electronic components

    Electrifying Testing

commissioning of finished shoe making machines

Commissioning That Works

Every machine you ordered must go through commissioning conducted by our professional team of engineers before it ships out.

Here at JSM, we handle with different customer needs in every machine assembly process. Every machine needs a specific commissioning system that requires rare expertise and sophisticated techniques.

We promise to have every function tested so that your plant can operate within the shortest time.