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  • 3D Vision intelligent spraying workstation

3D Vision intelligent spraying workstation

  • JS 965 A 3D视觉智能喷涂工作站双工位
  • JS 965 A 3D视觉智能喷涂工作站双工位

Key Features

  • Application of high-end 3D visual scanning system, software automatically generates trajectory path;
  • The robot automatically spray glue, the glue trace is accurate and uniform, saving glue and reducing cost;
  • Robot automatic spraying glue, fast speed, high efficiency;
  • Reduce the contact between human body and glue, health and environmental protection;
  • Using a unique algorithm, a variety of shoe types can be sprayed without frequently changing parameters during use, and different colors and different styles of soles can be sprayed together.

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Technical Parameters

Model JS-965-A
Dimension 2560*1450*1900
Voltage AC380V 50HZ
Power 3KW