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  • JS-802 Three-dimensional rotary infrared drying line

JS-802 Three-dimensional rotary infrared drying line

  • 立体回旋式红外线烘干生产线 副本
  • 立体回旋式红外线烘干生产线 副本

Key Features

  • The machine adopts rotary design, reasonable use of space;
  • Can be designed according to the shoemaking process, improve work efficiency and save manpower;
  • The production adopts pallet type, and the lower layer adopts debuggable shoe last frame design;
  • The use of imported low-glare light penetration near infrared lamp heating, with hot air loop, heating speed, stable and accurate temperature, upper and lower temperature independent control;
  • The working position adopts closed automatic door design to reduce the loss of hot air, energy saving and environmental protection;
  • The machine is equipped with filter ventilation system to make the air in the working space more environmentally friendly.

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Technical Parameters

Model JS-802
Dimension 12000*1600*1550mm
Power AC380V 50HZ
Voltage 67KW