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  • JS-801-S Double layer infrared drying production line

JS-801-S Double layer infrared drying production line

  • 双层红外线烘干贴底生产线
  • 双层红外线烘干贴底生产线

Key Features

  • The computer intelligent control system can be designed according to the shoemaking process to improve production efficiency and quality;
  • Double-layer design, can separately control the temperature of the upper and outsole, the upper and lower conveying synchronously, the upper conveying outsole, the lower conveying upper, increase production efficiency;
  • The machine adjusts the required temperature at any time according to different shoe materials, the temperature is uniform, the operation is convenient and simple;
  • The oven is equipped with a glue activation device to enhance the bonding strength of the bottom;
  • The fast conveyor belt can quickly transfer the shoes to the working position of the sole pressing machine, and the thermal insulation cover can avoid the cooling of the shoes;
  • Using imported low-glare near-infrared lamp, with hot air circulation convection design, fast heating, reduce energy loss, save power;
  • The system adopts special ventilation device, so that the production personnel avoid being troubled by the smell of glue, in order to meet the requirements of environmental protection.

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Technical Parameters

Model JS-801-S
Dimension 13000*1480*1580mm
Power AC380V 50HZ
Voltage 80KW